No gift idea? With our beautiful gift baskets available all year round, you will please everyone you love, at any occasion. This basket is made up of top quality products for all tastes.


This basket is filled with:

-1 soft nougat bar «Flaronis» 100G – MADE IN BELGIUM

(flavor depending on stock availability: Amaretto, Exotic fruits, Almonds/Hazelnuts, Cappuccino, Pistachio, Chocolate)

-1 box of truffles «D'Artagnan» Sea Salt Caramel 200G – MADE IN BELGIUM

-1 box of truffles «D'Artagnan» Cacao 200G – MADE IN BELGIUM

-2 chocolate bars «D'Artagnan» 75G  – MADE IN BELGIUM

(flavor depending on stock availability: White crispy & Hazelnut filling, Milk Caramel & Hazelnut, Milk Cappuccino, Dark Hazelnut cream, Milk Hazelnut cream)

-1 box of 10 units of « Domino » Cappuccino instant drink 12.5G

-1 bag of 36 coffee pads « Vida Nova cafe del mundo bio & fairtrade » - compatible with Senseo®*

(* Brand belonging to a third party with no connection to Flaronis s.a. & Vida Nova)

-1 bag of 18 coffee pads « Domino » Hazelnut flavor

-1 bag of coffee beans « Domino » Crema Professionale 1KG

-1 box of Flaronis medicinal bronchial tea 20 teabags

-1 bag of « Seitenbacher » muesli BIO choco 500G

-1 tin for coffee pads 

Subject to availability, the contain can vary